International Wood Sculpture Festival

(9 – 15 Aug. Bad Berleburg – Stünzel)

7 artists from 7 countries & 7 days in action

The wood sculpture festival of Stünzel will be the concourse for the best wood sculptors of the European countries lying alongside the long distance hiking trail E1. You can watch the artists live sculpting their artwork out of a trunk.

Bildhauer Festival Bad Berleburg

StünzelThe festival will take place from August 9th to 15th 2015 and provides daily music, exhibitions, children activities as well as several walking tracks. The location will be the small and picturesque village of Stünzel in Germany which lies half way the E1 hiking trail which runs from the North Cape to Sicily.

The village of Stünzel has about 50 inhabitants and is located in midst of the ancient forests of Wittgenstein, in between the towns of Bad Berleburg and Bad Laasphe (NRW).

The artists will work in the open air on their sculptures using the theme: Der gemeinsame Weg ist das Ziel, which translates literally into: The shared road is the goal.  This week is meant to connect people from all different countries and to let us realize we are all on the same path.

You can spectate at the artists every day and watch them work live on their sculptures. You can also enjoy the framework programme and  the hospitality of the Stünzelers, regional food and music or go for a treasure hunt with your children. We’re inviting you to drop by in this beautiful place and enjoy!

We have invited wood sculpture artist from each country along the E1 trail. Known attendees are:
▪    Finland: Risto Immonen,
▪    Sweden: open position,
▪    Norway: Hubertus Schaper,
▪    Danmark: Kurt Schmidt,
▪    Germany: Martina Kreitmeier,
▪    Swiss: Martin Bill,
▪    Italy: Luca John Nash.


Work of the artists

Work of the artists




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